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Pet ID tags for your Dog and Cat are extremely important

This will allow anyone to be able to identify you as the owner in the event if your dog or cat becomes missing. The American Human Institute estimates that 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime and close to 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the US every single year and according to the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families, less than 23% of lost pets in the U.S. are reunited with their owners. Pet ID tags come in all different sized.  Originally they were engraved but now with advance technology you can get them stylish with amazing colors and designs. 




These dog ID tags are made very durable and are long lasting and will look beautiful on any Pet.  


Visit PixNGifts.com Today to customize your very own PET ID tag and protect the safety of your furry friend.


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